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School, sports and event photographers...

For a quarter of a century, Timestone Software has been the undisputed leader in high-performance imaging software for the photography industry.

Celebrating 25 Years

Making excellence easy

With Timestone Software, every step of your high-volume photography journey is better...


With the ability to customise any photo package and personalise any order, with Timestone you can bring endless possibilities to life.


Seamless integration and unparalleled automation improve workflow and data management, from first click to final delivery, and produce better results and happy customers.


Superior products combine with online sales and site support to enhance your offer and your bottom line.

Products to make your business better


The ever reliable workhorse that takes care of all your production needs.

Infinite design possibilities

Design your own templates and create any product you can imagine. From single prints and ID cards to multi-page photo-books and artful collages, our software will automatically place variable data, images and graphics on your templates. Take your creativity to the next level.

Tailored automation to suit your workflow

You decide the process that works best for you and automate it to suit.

Simplify image management with our Face Detection and Recognition, easily finding closed eyes and auto-cropping hundreds of images in seconds.

Import data and images, set poses and backgrounds, and build print queues in one step or as many as you need.

Bring your own ordering system with you or simply connect to our online ordering solution.

Direct printer drivers and plug-ins are available for most digital printers, or you can print to JPG or PDF with seamless and automatic digital uploading.


The "it app" for automatically creating composite and virtual groups.

Unparalleled automation and flexibility

Create hundreds of personalised composites in just a few clicks. Pages are automatically arranged according to the number of images while text, graphics and logos are dynamically placed on the template you've designed.

Save time on composite groups

Complete hours of work in just minutes when creating groups with the unique features of NeoComposite's Virtual Groups.


The essential tool or group photographers.

Fast and accurate auto-naming

Name all your groups in no time and with 100% accuracy. Use either our amazing Face Detection and Recognition or one of the many other automated options. No shoot cards, no scanning, no proofing no worries!
No more costly mistakes or dragged out processes.

All the details handled for you

Because there's more to it than just naming faces, NeoGroup can also ease your workload by:

  • Automatically generating teacher/staff titles and suffixes
  • Automatically creating row headers
  • Creating multiple products from the same image to boost sales options
  • Automatically populating Absent' rows with absentees
  • Fully integrating with our Internet Ordering System (IOS)

CapturePost, QR codes and EXIF data

Powerful and convenient apps to capture and match images quickly and reliably.

The power of CapturePost

CapturePost provides the complete tethered shooting solution. It supports almost all digital cameras, images are automatically downloaded and matched, and it comes with loads of features that make shoot days a breeze, such as instant ID card printing, error warnings, closed eyes alerts, image export and more.
Still the fastest and most reliable shooting solution on the market.

The convenience of QR codes or EXIF data

Our QR system lets you create your own encoded QR codes and shoot cards, so images are imported directly into the software and we do the rest - decoding the QR and matching the images. No scanning. No limits. No click fees. And for third party EXIF tagging systems, encoded jpegs can be automatically decoded and matched in no time.
All you need is your camera and your codes.


The fully integrated Internet Ordering System offering a personalised shopping experience for your customers.

Live previews to compel sales

Customers can see their finished products as they order, customised by pose, background, design options, personalization and more - even with composites and virtual groups. A true 'what you see is what you get' experience for buyer confidence and better sales.

Pre-ordering options

Our original 'Identify' ordering before picture day is loved by both photographers and schools, increasing sales during peak buying times and making ordering a breeze.

Full automation

Complete integration with your production software means a few simple mouse clicks is all it takes to upload jobs and fulfill orders. Extra features like dynamic price lists, conditional marketing possibilities, charge and payment options, and customisable your site mean our IOS can bring your entire product offering together in one powerful "headquarters".

Welcome to the future

Face Detection and Recognition

Welcome to the future of high-volume photography! This new game-changing technology will ease your workload and your mind.

Accurately name groups in seconds

The right names appear in the right rows and positions with speed and 100% accuracy.

Closed eyes identified for you

Images with closed eyes are automatically detected, even as you shoot!

Variations fixed automatically

Automatic cropping, sizing and alignment fixes your variations for instant consistency.

Avoid Errors

Be alerted to errors as you shoot and mismatches in the lab.

Face match with ease

Automatically find and match the same face in thousands of images. Perfect for events, pre-school shoots and creating products for kindergarten to graduation.

Secure sensitive data

Biometric data is stored on your server and not in the cloud, so privacy, security and compliance are assured.

See our online ordering system in action

Try out one of our demo websites below to experience the online ordering system first-hand.

Green Screen High School

A multi-pose green screen job where you can select your own pose and background as well as many other customizable options.

Note how the 'live' previews give you a true what you see is what you get experience.

Chargeable Options

With this Basketball job, we have made many of the customization options chargeable.

Background selections, trader card design choices and personalized text now have an optional fee.

Identify Pre-ordering

A special way of pre-ordering. Everybody orders with the one key. Customers are prompted to 'identify' who they are ordering for.

A condition has been setup here so the "3rd child is free". Try it!

Marketing Campaigns

A very powerful feature is the ability to automatically and dynamically change products and pricing based on any condition you can imagine.

We simulate a Mother's Day promo with this example.

Bonus Packages and Dynamic Pricing

Packages can automatically appear and prices can automatically change depending on what other packages have been added to the cart, the value of the cart or any other condition you can think of.

Magic Pricing

Add any package to the cart and subsequent packages of equal or lower value are half price.

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