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Internet Ordering System - IOS
Visit our demo website
We have prepared a demo website where you can sample the online experience.

Click the link below to open the website in a new window. Then copy any of the shoot keys to below and enter them into the log-in page to gain access to the site.

Alternatively, the shoot keys below are also direct links. Simply click them to bypass the login page and enter the ordering page directly.

Green screen

A multi-pose green screen job where you can select your own background.

Note how the background and image renders ‘live’ in the products.


Identify ordering

A special way of pre-ordering. Everybody orders with the one key.

Customers are prompted to ‘identify’ who they are ordering for.



Instead of live previews, fixed graphics can be used to depict the products.

This is needed when pre-ordering before photography day since images are not yet available.


Optional bonus packages

You can link packages to other packages and have them offered to the customer as an extra when they checkout

Add different things to the cart and notice you are offered different bonus packages at checkout.


Digital delivery products

Any of your products can be offered for digital delivery - not just the image but composites, memory mates - anything.

Customers receive an email with links to download their digital products.


Live rendering and sports

Live rendering is great for sports jobs because the customer sees their image inside their products

Not only do they see their images inside products like memory mates but they also see their actual composite and group photos.


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